Monday & Thursday @ 7pm / 946 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS


The Lawrence, Kansas chapter of Simply AA was founded on August 31, 2009 with one specific purpose — to create a group that is focused on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as contained in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Some of our members had been around AA for number of years and had felt strongly that our only avenue of self-preservation would be to start a new group which could guide us back onto the Broad Highway through study of the program of action contained in the Big Book.


We meet Monday & Thursday @ 7:00pm

First United Methodist Church – 946 Vermont, Lawrence, KS

Please note: All of our meetings are Big Book studies. If you do not have a Big Book, there will be some available to borrow or purchase from our group. Additionally, all of our meetings are entirely open. Anyone interested in the program of recovery contained within our Big Book is welcome to attend.